About DigiRealBox

DigiRealBox(Digital Reality Box) is an Augmented Reality based application.
An emerging platform for digital marketing businesses.
Real time connection of digital and real world.
Let your smart device (phone or tablet) see a whole new world

DigiRealBox features

Supports Video
Supports 3D models
Supports Audio
Social network sharing available like Facebook, e-mail, Webpages etc.
Allows users to call or send e-mail directly to advertised businesses.

Why DigiRealBox?

With the increasing number of smart device (phone, tablet, etc.) users and with the help of cutting-edge technology Augmented Reality (AR), it definitely makes sense to move to a next level of marketing strategy.

DigiRealBox can be used as a stand-alone marketing tool or in conjunction with old methods of marketing like a newspaper ad. DigiRealBox can bring your product/service to life.

How does it increase your business?

As ‘Seeing is Believing’, consumers would be more inclined towards your product/service.

One of the competitive advantages for your company would be differentiation. Differentiation based on how well you can present your product to the end user/customer. Once your customers are convinced that it is what they want, your business grows.

How your revenue will increase?

Your revenue will also increase because of the ‘cool’ factor of our app ‘DigiRealBox’. One marketing method which cannot be bought easily is ‘Word of Mouth’. However, the coolness of our app will definitely give you this!

Also DigiRealBox, allows users to call or send e-mail directly to advertised businesses.

What should you do?

Contact us and make your product/service available in our ‘DigiRealBox’. Sit back, relax and watch your business grow!

How it works

It’s simple and quick.

  1. Download the free app from Apple store or Google Play store.

  2. Scan an image which is ‘DigiRealBox’(DR logo on the image) enabled.

  3. Experience a whole new world with rich multimedia content.

Sample Demo


News Paper Ads

Product Profile

Real Estate


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